Training Events

In-Person Camps and Clinics for Pitchers and Catchers

Small Group Pitching Clinics

These 2-hour training sessions are limited to 8 pitchers and cover a variety of pitching topics including:

  • Mechanics
  • Power
  • Targets
  • Competitive Games
  • Change-ups
  • Drop Ball
  • Rise Ball
  • Curve Ball

Pitchers can attend 1, 2-hour clinic or multiple sessions to meet their specific training needs!

Offered during the various times throughout the year.

1-Day Pitching Schools

These sessions offer a full day of learning for pitchers that want an intense training experience. A maximum of 40 pitchers will be accepted into these sessions and athletes will be placed in small groups of 8 to maintain a low instructor to athlete ratio. BreakThrew Fastpitch alumni that are current college pitchers assist Myndie during these camps. There are three, unique, 1-Day Camp experiences to choose from including:

  • Mechanics and Power AND Habit Building
  • Controlling the Ball, Change-ups AND Failure and Fear
  • Spinning Pitches AND Q&A About College Softball

These camps will typically be offered on 3 consecutive days. Pitchers can choose to attend 1 pitching school or, for the most comprehensive training experience, attend all 3 sessions!

Offered during the summer months and occasionally during winter break.

2-Day Training Experiences

These one-of-a-kind events are the ULTIMATE training event for pitchers and catchers.

They will include a little bit of everything:

  • Physical Skill Development
  • Mindset/Mentality
  • Competitive Challenges
  • Q & A Sessions with Guest Instructors

Myndie brings in a variety of instructors to assist with these events. They may include current college players and coaches, professional players and BreakThrew Fastpitch alumni.

These are experiences that will be remembered forever!

These 2-day events are offered in the summer months.

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