BreakThrew Fastpitch Instructional Videos

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BreakThrew Fastpitch Series

This comprehensive series of videos is a great tool for coaches, parents and pitchers of ALL ages! From learning or correcting basic mechanics and gaining strength within the pitching motion to developing true movement, a great off-speed pitch and the ability to hit small targets.

These videos will show you progressions that will help develop body awareness and muscle memory as well as what to look for when checking progress using video analysis.

In addition to teaching the physical skills that are important for every pitcher, this series shows ways to incorporate competition into drills and workouts. It’s important for EVERY pitcher to learn how to deal with pressure and failure during training so that they understand how to respond when it happens during competition.

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Pitching Mechanics: Drills to Build the Foundation

A Step-By-Step approach to establishing a strong, safe and efficient foundation for pitchers of all ages

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Power: Developing Strong, Athletic and Mentally Tough Pitchers

Learn several ways to help improve a pitcher's strength & radar speed

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SPIN It to WIN It: Developing Late Break on the Rise, Curve and Drop

Learn Correct Spins, Postures & Weight Shifts and Release Points

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Controlling Hitters: Hitting Spots & Changing Speeds

Tools to improve accuracy and several ways to take speed away from the pitch to develop deceptive change-ups

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How to Create: Competitive Pitching Workouts

Ideas to help make bullpen sessions FEEL more competitive or game-like for pitchers and catchers

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Video Analysis: Identify and Fix Common Pitching Mistakes

Take a look at 12 common mistakes and get ideas on how to help pitchers fix them

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Myndie Berka's Pitching Workouts

This 2-video set shows examples of the different type of workouts pitchers can use during off-season and pre-season training.

Off-Season is the time when pitchers have the opportunity to break things down to build things up STRONGER in the future. There is a big focus on mechanics, speed and power development, pitch development and spins. There is very little focus on results!

Pre-Season is when intense target work and fine tuning of the pitches used during competition becomes a priority. Understanding how to pitch to hitters will also be a big focus. Many bullpens should simulate the environment felt during competition.

Each video will show 5 variations of workouts that pitchers can do at home. Modifications for beginning pitchers vs advanced pitchers will be explained and workouts can easily be adjusted for each pitcher’s age/skill level.


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Off-Season Pitching Workouts

Five workouts with a big focus on mechanics, speed and power development, pitch development and spins

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Pre-Season Pitching Workouts

Five workouts showing the fine tuning of the pitches and ways to make bullpen sessions competitive 

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