Hi, I'm Myndie Berka!

In 2006, I founded BreakThrew Fastpitch, a training organization that was built for pitchers and everyone that supports their goals and dreams!

Thanks for stopping by to check things out on my website! You will find a variety of tools here to help pitchers, AND their parents/coaches navigate their journeys. From in-person and virtual training, to my blog posts covering a wide range of topics. BreakThrew Fastpitch was designed to help YOU no matter where you are at in your development.

This page will help you get to know me and BreakThrew Fastpitch a little better. Please explore the other pages on my site to understand all the learning opportunities available to you! I hope you find something here that helps you get a little better today!

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I get to teach ALL things pitching!


Physical skills that include:

  • building a powerful, strong foundation
  • developing pin-point control
  • learning how to throw filthy change-ups
  • mastering spins to create movement pitches that miss barrels

But perhaps what I’ve grown to love teaching the MOST is the “OTHER” stuff - the things that are very often overlooked, BUT are the biggest predictors of success on the field and in life!

  • My pitchers learn the importance of hard work, commitment to goals and being disciplined to do what they say they want to do even when the daily motivation sometimes isn’t there!
  • My pitchers learn that their daily habits can either help or hurt them - that it’s completely up to them to CHOOSE how much they want to invest and how GOOD they want to be!
  • My pitchers understand that failure is an opportunity to LEARN - that without failure there won’t be growth, and that without growth they won’t do the things they are destined to do!
  • My pitchers understand that feeling fearful of things is completely normal - that when they feel fear it’s a sign that they are about to do something BIG and to GO FOR IT!
  • My pitchers understand “The Power of YET” - that by believing in themselves and trusting their process they will, in time, be able to do the things that right now might not seem possible!
  • My pitchers are selfless, team-first, FIERCE competitors. They LOVE going to battle and will FIGHT for their team regardless of the score or if they are on their “A” game!

The coolest part about teaching this “OTHER” stuff is that it follows them in EVERYTHING they do. This is what builds strong, confident, hard-working, resilient young women that will become the next LEADERS of our world!

BreakThrew Fastpitch

By the Numbers:

  • Nearly 300 pitchers participate in the 5-7 month Pitcher's Training Programs each year
  • Pitchers from 27 States and 3 Countries have attended camps or have learned through on-line training programs
  • HUNDREDS of BreakThrew Fastpitch alumni have earned softball scholarships and have represented over 80 different college programs
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