On-Line Training Courses

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How do BreakThrew Fastpitch On-Line Courses Work?

My on-line courses are designed to teach students anywhere in the world. The information is taught through an easy-to-use, app-based platform.

Pitchers and Parents will be able to access the course content anytime on a phone, tablet or computer. The course content will be delivered through:

  • Instructional Videos
  • Audio Reminders
  • Downloadable PDF's
  • Homework Assignments
  • Structured Workouts
  • Community Support

On-Line Training Course Options Available:

The "Complete Pitcher"

On-Line Course

12 Modules + 2 BONUS Modules on Change-Ups and Movement Spins!

Each module BUILDS on the previous week giving pitchers/parents a roadmap to SUCCESS when they do the WORK!

This STEP-BY-STEP training course includes:

  • Building a Strong Foundation of Mechanics
  • Speed and Power Development
  • Targets and Competitive Games
  • BONUS MODULES: Change-ups & Movement Spins
  • Arm Care / Pre-Throwing Routine
  • Habit Building and Practice Routines
  • Practice Log and Journal
  • Charting Pitches/Evaluating Performance
  • 12 Downloadable Workouts
    • Each workout builds on the previous one
  • Mindset Assignments
    • Habits and Routines
    • Growth Mindset Strategies
    • Learning from Failure
    • Fear of Failure
    • Identifying Strengths
    • Getting Hitters Out
    • Goal Setting
  • Parent/Coach Tips to Help Support Your Pitchers
  • Community Support
  • Community Competitions

It's recommended that pitchers spend 2-weeks on each module making this course a 24-week program!

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Small Habits to "BreakThrew" Moments:

The Routine Building Course for Pitchers

This 35-day course teaches how to create 5-10 minute DAILY HABITS to improve physical skills and mindset. Pitchers will learn a little bit about several key concepts for them throughout their journey. Parents and coaches will get tips on some of the common mistakes their pitchers will make and ideas on how to help support and encourage them.

. Areas covered include:

  • Weekly "Mindset Monday" Podcast Covering:
    • The Key to Your "BreakThrew" is Your Daily Habits!
    • What Does Your Body Language Say About You?
    • In-Game Routines: Stay Focused on the NEXT Pitch
    • Failure & Fear: It's All About Your Perspective
    • Pitch Progression: Knowing When To Add A New Pitch
  • Upper Body Mechanics
  • Lower Body Mechanics
  • Speed and Power Development
  • Targets
  • Change-up Overview
  • Movement Spins Overview
  • Weekly Audio Reminders
  • Weekly Journal Assignments
  • Weekly Mindset Challenges
  • Parent Tips - Things to Watch For During Practice

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